Sleep Easy


Welcome to Sleep Easy, a 14-day program and clinically-proven method that gives you a way to fall asleep and back to sleep quickly and easily—and sleep more deeply—even in the midst of stress.

I'm Dr. Richard Shane, developer of Sleep Easy. I'm going to take you on a journey that will have you sleep easily and deeply from now on. . 

I serve nationally as a sleep consultant and work with several large medical groups serving over 300,000 patients.

In a study published in the Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy, the Sleep Easy program was tested by police, firefighters, commercial airline pilots and the general public. 81.6% of the participants reported improved sleep, and the vast majority reported their sleep began to improve the first night or within the first few nights.

My work has been featured in over 100 journals and publications including Men's Journal, Shape, Dr. Oz the Good Life, Huffington Post, and Reader's Digest among many others.


If you're like most people with sleep challenges, you've tried just about everything, so it's understandable if you're skeptical. As you begin to experience this program, I invite you to stay open because this approach is different. Put this method to the test and prove it for yourself.

The Sleep Easy method engages the specific body sensations that are like switches in your nervous system that create the neurophysiological sensations of falling asleep. These body sensations of sleep are the same in just about everyone, just like the feeling of swallowing is similar for most people, so this will feel familiar and natural to you. With this method, your mind and body naturally become quiet and calm.


If you're currently using sleep medication, continue taking it this first week.

Once you begin to have confidence in your ability to sleep with this method, the need for medication drops away and this program gives you an easy way to gradually reduce your medication dosage and eliminate it without withdrawal.

For guidelines about this, go to the programs section in your app and choose the topic, "Sleep Medication Reduction." When you choose to reduce medication, always do so under the supervision of your physician.


Now a few things to make this process even easier.  

With this sleep method, you don't have to concentrate.

If your mind drifts, gently bring it back to the comfortable body sensations in this process.

Even if your heart is beating too quickly or loudly, the Sleep Easy method gives you an easy way to calm your heart.

This method works best when you are on your back or side.

We recommend you first listen to the sleep recording one time during the day or evening, not at bedtime. Then when you use the recording for sleep, it will help you sleep even more easily and deeply.

With the sleep recordings, if you're not all the way to sleep when the talking finishes, you will feel yourself comfortably easing toward sleep. As the background sound continues, enjoy using any elements of the method on your own as you get closer to sleep.


If your challenge is waking up too early, still listen to the sleep recording at the beginning of the night because it will help you sleep deeply and have fewer unwanted awakenings.

If you do awaken in the middle of the night and need to get up, when you come back to bed, use the sleep recording.

In the Programs section of your app, you'll also find the program titled, Getting Back to Sleep if You Wake Up Too Early.


Now a few thoughts about using your phone.

Using your phone actively at bedtime for talking, texting, emailing, and being online can be activating and that can interfere with sleep.

So it's best to stop using your phone, and other devices, about an hour before bed.

At bedtime, use your phone only as an audio player for listening to the sleep recording.

If you don't need to be able to receive calls at night, turn on Airplane mode.


There are five sections of your app. At the bottom of the app screen you will find five tabs to access each section.

The first tab is your Home screen. At the top of the Home screen you will see the My Programs section where you can access the Sleep Easy Core Treatment Program you are listening to now.

Underneath My Programs, you will see the My Recommended section, where we provide recommendations for Supplemental Programs, addressing the unique sleep challenges you specified.

You can begin these Supplemental Programs after you've completed listening to this Introduction and the first nighttime treatment session, which is up next.

One of the things that makes the Sleep Easy 14-day Core Treatment Program different and more effective than other sleep programs is that Sleep Easy contains two daily sessions: One session is a nighttime sleep recording that guides you into good sleep. The second session is a brief Daytime recording designed to give you knowledge about your mind, body and sleep. These insights, combined with the nighttime sleep recordings, will help you sleep even more easily and deeply.

Because good sleep has a positive effect on almost all areas of your life, listening to the daytime sessions could be one of the most important parts of your day.

The second section is the Programs tab, where you will find a wide selection of Supplemental programs designed to provide you with additional information to address a full spectrum of specific sleep challenges. These programs are Supplemental, meaning they work in conjunction with the Sleep Easy 14-Day Core Treatment Program.

The third section is Resources. In the Resources tab you will have access to an extensive library of content developed by our medical experts, which includes material about sleep hygiene unique to Sleep Easy, plus other information that will help you sleep easily and deeply.

In the fourth section, you will find Sleep Sounds. These come from world-renowned sound healers and sound engineers. Tonight, before you use the Sleep Essence sleep recording, please take a few minutes to listen to the various sleep sounds. Choose the one you want to use tonight and maybe choose one or two more you would like to experience in the coming nights. During the course of this 14-Day Program, explore whatever background sounds you find enjoyable.

The final section is the More section. Here you can track your personal sleep metrics, set sleep reminders, and contact us to ask questions or even schedule a personal session.


This Sleep Easy 14-Day Core Treatment Program is designed for you to begin to sleep better your first night. Your sleep will then continue to gradually become even easier and deeper.

Tonight, as you listen to the nighttime sleep recording that is up next, have your intention be to enjoy even just a small improvement in your sleep.

When you're ready for sleep, enjoy the nighttime Sleep Essence recording, which is up next.