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What Do You Get?

Why People Are Loving Sleep Easy

"SleepEasy helped me cope with associated anxiety, irritability, weight loss, depression and so much more."

- Firstlastname, Houston, Texas

The Problem

The National Commission on Sleep Disorders calls insomnia "America's Hidden Epidemic."

  • Over 30% of people worldwide have chronic sleep difficulties.
  • 3-in-5 Americans suffer from insomnia
  • Over $200 billion is spent annually on medical costs directly related to sleep disorders.
  • 43% of American internet users search online for sleep remedies

Poor sleep affects almost every area of life, increasing chronic illness, stress, anxiety, weight gain, depression, anger, sickness and irritability, along with decreasing concentration, decision-making, memory, energy and productivity.

The Solution

Sleep Easy is clinically-proven to improve sleep on the first night, deepening over successive nights. Our in-depth program, delivered over 12 weeks via app or website download, deepens well-being after you are sleeping well.

  • Sleep Easy's methodology activates the neurological switches that induce sleep - which is foundational for the effective treatment of sleep difficulties.
  • People report Sleep Easy is far more effective than any other method they have used, with 81.6% showing better sleep in the first few nights.
  • The methodology works the way sleep naturally happens. Sleep Easy is a true sleep solution.
  • Sleep Easy appeals to a culture that wants quick and easy results.

81.6% slept better using the
Sleep Easy method.

Published study involving United Airlines pilots, Police and Fire
Departments. Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy, May 2016.


Transforming Lives Through Better Sleep

Sleep Easy is a comprehensive sleep solution developed over 20 years by internationally-renowned sleep expert Dr. Richard Shane.

Sleep Easy & Rise Up

Now that you’ve had a good night sleep, our Rise Up recordings takes you to the next level of health, wellness and productivity. You'll have access to inspirational programs from experts including Tony Robbins, Dr Oz, John Mackey founder of Whole Foods Market, Rev. Micheal Beckwith, Marie Forleo, Seane Corn, Lisa Nichols and many others.

Transform Your Business
Through Better Sleep

Investing in your employees sleep is good for business. Every worker who is not getting enough sleep costs money and increases risk and liability for a company. We understand the importance of sleep in business and have supported top companies & organizations to increase productivity, performance, wellness, and safety to enhance their bottom line with our Sleep Easy Corporate Programs.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to sleep easy. It is our mission to help people sleep better. If you have tried the program and
it is not addressing your challenges, we have sleep experts available to support you in achieving the sleep
you deserve. And, if you are not completely satisfied after the first week, we'll give you your money back.